5 Important Facts you need to know about Mini Dental Implants


    Dental implants are the best solution to replace your meeting teeth. It is a great technique to offer advanced tooth replacement. Sadly, patients with bone density loss and low immunity due to health conditions like diabetes have been unable to benefit from dental implants. This is due to the size of the implant and the requirement of considerable healing time. For such patients, the best way out is mini dental implants.

    Procedures of Mini dental implants (MDI) are popular among the patients who are uncomfortable with full implant or are worried about the cost.

    Mini Implants are the most patient-friendly, cost-effective, and proven dental implant system available today.

    Facts about Mini Dental Implants Care

    So are you thinking to opt for Mini dental implants? If so, these are the FIVE facts that you should know!

    1. Different from traditional dentures

    Mini implants are different from traditional ones. The main difference is in size.

    Precisely, mini implants are much narrower in diameter. The traditional implants are nearly 4 mm in diameter whereas mini implants are between 1.8 and 3 mm.

    2. Ideal for those with bone loss

    In fact, there is no “perfect” type of dental implant that fits everyone. Each and every patient has a unique dental need. Hence, the ideal type of dental implant varies person to person. Mini dental implants are the best option for the people who have suffered bone loss. When the bone in your jaw ebbs and grows smaller, it is called bone loss. The causes of bone loss could be smoking, gum disease, ageing, or osteonecrosis.

    Bone loss can also occur if a person wears traditional dentures for years and years. Paradoxically, often bone loss sufferers as well as long-time denture wearers need dental implants the most. This fact makes mini dental implants much more significant.

    3. Minimally invasive

    A minimally invasive procedure means mini implants dental care requires lesser surgery than traditional implants. It indicates less suffering, comfortable treatment and rapid healing time.

    Under traditional dental implant treatments, dental surgeons often cut open your gums, drill a large hole in your bone, and then drill a large implant into it. This procedure is indeed painful.

    On the other hand, a treatment of mini dental implants involves making a minute pinhole in your gums and bone wherein a skilled dentist gently rotate the implant. Obviously it is simpler and safer option than traditional dental implants.

    4. Can be used with existing dentures

    Once you lost your teeth, minor bone loss will continue to occur every year. Mini-Implants can solve this concern by anchoring the denture to the bone. It helps the denture to function and feel much more like your natural teeth.

    Also, mini dental implants can also be used to stabilize your existing dentures and improve your quality of life. It can provide support to your dentures and bridges.

    5. May not be the best choice for you

    Well, in case you have the bone available for larger implants, then they might be better option for you over mini dental implants.  Especially when you are looking to anchor a zirconia bridge or a denture, mini implants might not be the right choice for you. However, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the trained dentists. Because all you need is a CT scan and an experienced dental implants dentist.

    In most of the cases, dentists recommend the right implant combination for you that might involves multiple implants for the different areas of your jaw.

    Are you ready?

    Mini dental implants benefit patients in a dual way – both physical and psychologically. Hence, we recommend them to suitable candidates.

    If fitted properly, mini dental implants have a capability to offer a safe, secure base for lower dentures.  Are you a denture wearer who wants to know more about mini dental implants in Perth? To know more about mini implants, schedule a consultation with Clear Choice Dental.

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