March 12, 2016

How to proceed at a dental emergency

It’s an occurrence we sometimes give little thought to until it’s already happened. Imagine you’re at a friend’s place. You’re having a BBQ, when suddenly a family member runs up crying and holding their knocked out tooth. Exactly what should you do?

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February 27, 2016

How your teeth are important in aiding the digestion of foods

Anyone who has experienced a toothache knows that it’s difficult to eat if you have tooth pain. It affects the way you enjoy the foods you love and can ultimately have a negative impact on your overall health! Missing teeth, misalignment and hypersensitivity can all affect proper chewing, breakdown of foods and therefore, proper digestion. Being able to taste and enjoy food is not the only benefit of chewing properly; chewing enables us to mechanically break down food into smaller pieces which allows our bodies to more readily access and absorb nutrients. 

Missing teeth can cause surrounding teeth to move from their original position, resulting in your teeth becoming misaligned. Should your teeth become misaligned and need professional realignment such as braces (due to wisdom teeth coming through, shifting teeth causing crowding, etc.), you may experience pain in chewing, closing your bite properly and teeth grinding during sleep.

If you’re having to favour one side of your mouth for chewing foods, then that side may eventually wear down faster than the side with the defective teeth. Crowding of teeth will affect the health of your gums as flossing in crowded areas is harder to do properly.

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Juices-not Your Teeth
February 16, 2016

Juices: perfect for your health but not your teeth

Juicing your vegetables and fruits is often a way to obtain your daily boost of nutrients and vitamins. However, despite its healthy advantages of our bodies, juicing could have a downside. Some vegetables and fruits have a large sugar and acid content, that can put us at the greater risk of cavities because it wears away the enamel on our teeth.

Before packing away your blender, you can find techniques that enable you to continue to enjoy your favourite juices whilst protecting your teeth. Our Perth dentists recommend the few listed tips to preserve good wellness:

Eat your greens. Or, juice your greens: Adding green vegetables to your favourite juice can present you with an improvement of dietary magnesium and calcium. They are going to strengthen your body, build strong bones and teeth and won’t cause a spike inside of your bloodstream sugar levels level like sugary fruits.

Less fruit: Put it to use sparingly to scale back the amount of sugar that you’re consuming in each and every juice. Ripe fruits are advised like they are inclined to contain less acid than less ripe ones.

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