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At Clear Choice Dental in Yokine & Maddington, we can help you with all types of braces.
Unfortunately, not all of us are born with perfectly straight teeth. Genetics and a lack of dental care can result in a number of structural abnormalities in the mouth. Clinically, dental braces are the most common method of straightening your teeth as they improve overall teeth aesthetics and oral health.

You do not need bulky braces to realign your teeth. Today there are many types of braces that can be placed on the teeth, ranging from metal braces to ceramic braces, to clear or tooth-colored braces and invisalign braces. Teeth can be straightened at any age, so please ask our friendly team of Dentists at Clear Choice Dental if braces are the right option for you!

Dentist Braces Perth

Metal Braces
Traditional metal braces are currently the most popular form of teeth realignment as they are highly durable and can withstand most types of daily interaction as in case of braces for kids. These braces are effective at treating extreme overcrowding or misalignment, as it allows the dentist more control at moving the teeth in small increments. Metal braces are customizable, and allows wearers to express themselves by being able to choose and change the colour of the elastics. Today’s metal braces are more comfortable and less robust than in past years, and offer an economical approach to tooth alignment.

Clear Braces
Clear, invisible braces are fabricated using either ceramic or plastic, and offer better aesthetics as compared to all-metal braces. This system comprises of clear brackets with a metal wire passing through the slots. Clear braces are comparatively more expensive than metal braces and this is due to the clear porcelain being more costly to produce than metal braces, are more fragile and often takes more time to install. Both the clear and the metal braces offer orthodontic correction within approximately the same time frame, but older patients tend to opt for clear braces or Invisalign purely for their aesthetic value.

Dental Braces Perth

Braces Perth

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