When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

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Some people think that milk teeth aren’t important because they’re temporary. Not only is that incorrect, but the health of your child’s teeth can affect their future permanent teeth, speech and jaw development.

When should a child first visit the dentist?

The general rule of thumb is to see a paediatric dentist within 6 months of their first tooth emerging. Chances are, your child won’t even remember the visit! After this time, most parents opt to have their child visit the dentist once every year until more teeth come out.

At Clear Choice Dental Maddington, we would recommend bringing your child to each of your own dental checkups so that they can familiarise themselves with the dentist, the sounds of the dental tools and sitting in the dentist’s chair. Once they reach 3 years of age, then they should have the confidence to come in and have their first real encounter with your dentist. While we do make the best possible effort to comfort and relax the child, if the child is too upset to have a proper examination then the dentist should immediately stop working. We want your child to have the best possible experience and be able to leave our practice with a big smile!

Do you have any advice regarding good dental habits for my child at home?

  • Sucking habits should be curbed off as soon as possible as this can result in misalignment of the front teeth.
  • Use no more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a soft, child-friendly toothbrush.
  • Brush twice a day – once 30 minutes after breakfast and once before bed.
  • Children under 8 years of age will need you to show them how to brush properly in order to ensure they use the correct brushing technique into adolescence.
  • Avoid letting your child fall asleep with a bottle of milk or juice as this will allow bacteria to flourish in the mouth – leading to an increased chance of tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Encourage them into thinking that going to the dentist is fun! Or create a reward system for your child when they visit the dentist – this way they’ll react positively when their twice-yearly checkup is needed.

As most of our dentists have children, they are well exposed to the concerns that parents may have with their children’s teeth. Clear Choice Dental offers no-gap treatments like fissure sealing, cleaning, examination, x-rays, and basic fillings for all those kids who are eligible for the CDBS Medicare scheme. There are a few more advanced procedures like advanced restoration and wisdom teeth removals that incur a gap fee.

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