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    Dental Implants by a Dentist in Yokine

    Dental Implants by a Dentist in Yokine


    For those who recently lost some of their teeth due to injuries, you do not have to settle for dentures that could easily come out your mouth and sometimes make you feel uncomfortable because our dentist in Yokine offers Perth dental implants that will improve your smile without the hassle.

    Dental implants are made of titanium, and the dentist secures the implants to your jaw bone where the implants stay permanently unlike dentures. Another advantage that dental implants have over dentures is that it is easier to chew and talk without worrying if the dentures are coming loose.

    You are probably wondering if everyone qualifies for dental implants. Particularly, this is not the case, and you should meet with your dentist to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

    If you have a child and you want him to get implants, you should have him wait until his teenage years because generally, dentists do not give children dental implants as their teeth are still developing. Those who are habitual smokers may not qualify for dental implants because of the damage that is done to the gums due to years of smoking.

    Dental implants can be expensive but we do have payment plans available. So if you need dental implants right away, you can book online for our affordable dental plans here. If you want dental implants for cosmetic purposes rather than because you are missing teeth, you can find out more on our Perth smile makeover treatment plans.

    Here is how the procedure works for when you are undergoing the dental implant treatments. First, the dentist will do an examination to check for any dental infections and then provide a diagnosis to see if you are fit for the treatment. During the first phase of the dental implant treatment, the dentist places an incision in your gums, and then inserts the implant in your jawbone. After a few weeks, you return to the dentist for the second stage where a crown is placed over the implant.

    Here are some ways you can learn more about dental implants before you visit the dentist.:

    In conclusion, dental implants are better and more permanent than dentures, and you do not have to deal with temporary ways of replacing missing teeth.

    To find out more book an appointment here or call (08) 6001 6150

    We also have payment plans available from $25/week.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments at Clear Choice Dental, your Local Yokine Dentist

    Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments at Clear Choice Dental, your Local Yokine Dentist

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    Here are a few pointers from a Yokine Dentist on Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments. Despite the advancement in technology and increase in oral hygiene awareness levels of Perth, dental decay cases seem to increase every day. In the event of delay in treatment, patients are at risk of losing their teeth. Tooth decay leads to gum disease, and dental care becomes a mandatory option. Our dentists at Clear Choice Dental encourage regular dental checkups to keep dental problems at bay. We can assist your dental concerns with an appointment and a proper examination to advise which treatment is best for you.

    Dental Implants

    There are several benefits with Clear Choice Dental implants which patients opt for this treatment ith us. With dental implants, a person can experience greater comfort associated with removal dentures and bridges. Our dentists recommend dental implants over dentures because they provide better oral health to their patients without modifying other teeth or adjusting thus ensuring that more natural teeth are left undestroyed thereby boosting dental health and hygiene in the long run.

    Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment

    Clear Choice Dental offers various treatment options for treating this sleep disorder. Sleep apnea or snoring causes chronic sleep deprivation resulting from periodic breathing pauses lasts for more than 10 seconds and occurs as many as 50 times per hour is a dangerous condition. This sleeping disorder which causes the sufferer to stop breathing many times a night, for up to a minute each time needs proper treatment because the consequences of this disorder can be serious hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Sleep apnea treatment includes lifestyle changes, physical interventions, oral devices, surgery, prescription medicines and breathing machines.

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    Clear Choice Dental is a dental clinic that is focused entirely on fulfilling unique oral health needs by offering comprehensive dental care with a holistic approach. They have a professional team of dentist that undertakes a cutting edge method of dental care, primarily seeking at their patient’s health and safety.

    To find out more Book an appointment here or call (08) 6001 6150

    We also have payment plans available.

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    Dental Implants by a Yokine Dentist

    Dental Implants by a Yokine Dentist


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    This blogpost highlights the dental implant treatments carried out by our Yokine Dentists. Dental implants are a replacement for the fallen teeth. They help in the formation of the healthy tooth structure and in carrying out the functions of the missing teeth. They are very much similar to the way your natural teeth behave. Getting dental implants is a complex procedure and should be done without the guidance of a professional dental surgeon. Dental implants are believed to be the best solution for tooth loss and in helping to regain normalcy.

    Dental Implants vs Dentures

    One of the reasons why dental implants are preferred over dentures is that the former can fully behave like the natural teeth, in both form and functionality. This stands to be the best replacement solution for the missing tooth. Dental implants ensure that the restoration is permanent. You can chew, smile, and floss normally with dental implants. The dental implants also help to preserve the facial structure and prevent the surrounding jawbone from deteriorating.

    Where the Dental Implants are placed

    Dental implants are mostly rooted inside the bone, and they function as the root of the tooth. The implants are made of titanium, and they naturally bond with the jawbone and protect the surrounding bone from going further bad. There are different types of dental implant procedures based on the condition.

    The Procedure

    The single tooth implant is a dental implant for just one missing tooth. This procedure involves insertion of one titanium dental implant followed by the attachment of a single crown. When two or more teeth are missing, a fixed-bridge dental implant procedure is followed. This involves insertion of the required number of dental implants followed by a bridge of crowns spanning the replaced teeth. In the case of loss of most of the teeth, a dental implant procedure called All-on-Four is followed where four dental implants are inserted and fixed with a denture on top. The implant lies at the bottom of the jaw, to function as healthy teeth and the dentures on top are made to look like regular teeth.

    Maintenance & Oral Hygiene

    The dental implants also need to be maintained well for them to function successfully for a long time. These will need to be professionally cleaned by a hygienist every six months. You will also be required to visit your implant dentist every three months to ensure there is no plaque formation. Also, adopting the practice of brushing and flossing regularly helps to keep the implants functioning well.


    Dental implants are a great replacement for missing tooth. They will bring back to you the convenience to enjoy all kinds of food along with improving your comfort, speech and appearance.

    To find out more Book an appointment here or call (08) 6001 6196

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    Dentist Treatments at Clear Choice Dental, Yokine, Maddington & Joondalup

    Dentist Treatments at Clear Choice Dental, Yokine, Maddington & Joondalup

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    A visit to a Yokine dentist’s office isn’t just about checking for cavities anymore – there have been incredible advancements in the field of dentistry, and we have responded by expanding our range of custom dental care services to suit your needs.

    At Clear Choice Dental Yokine, Maddington and Joondalup we provide a variety of general dental procedures, so you can have the guarantee that your visit will be performed by a skilled and experienced medical professional. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment and an expert multidisciplinary staff dedicated to your dental health, we are in a unique position to offer you best-in-class dental care.

    Our Dental Treatments

    Dental Implants

    An alternative to dentures or bridges, dental implants are the preferred (and most natural) approach to replacing missing teeth.

    Implants can prevent bone loss, increase chewing efficiency, and restore your facial appearance. They also lead to greater dental comfort and functionality.

    Dental Bridges

    Like dental implants, dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth, except bridges are supported by the teeth on either side called abutment teeth.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Your smile is your window to the world. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more people are exploring the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. New approaches to corrective procedures. Expanded options for aesthetic enhancements. Cosmetic dentistry might just be what you’ve been looking for.

    Dental Crowns and Fillings

    A dental crown is a covering that encases the tooth surface restoring it to its original size and shape. A crown strengthens and protects tooth structure that can’t be restored with fillings or other types of restorations.

    Curious About Dentures?

    You’ve come to the right place. We provide a number of high-quality, natural-looking dentures. Our office is dedicated to offering the most effective (and comfortable) solution for your dental needs. Let us know how we can help.

    Root Canals

    “I wish I had done this a year ago.” We hear it all the time. And that makes sense. Because, let’s face it, root canals don’t have the best reputation. The secret, though…? A root canal doesn’t have to feel any different than having a cavity filled. There’s a way out of the pain you’re experiencing. (And it may be a lot easier than you think.)

    “I wish I had done this a year ago.” We hear it all the time. And that makes sense. Because, let’s face it, root canals don’t have the best reputation. The secret, though…? A root canal doesn’t have to feel any different than having a cavity filled. There’s a way out of the pain you’re experiencing. (And it may be a lot easier than you think.)

    Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning

    “The best defense is a good offense.” It’s true in dentistry, too. Your smile’s “first line of defense” is, of course, daily care from you. But a regular visit to the dentist (complete with an examination and cleaning) can make all the difference. Think of it as the backbone of your dental defense plan.

    Eliminate Your Fears

    You know those walls that have kept you from the health, hygiene, and smile you’ve always wanted? What if they could come down? Discover a whole new approach to dental care today. Get in touch with Clear Choice Dental, Yokine, Maddington or Joondalup today.


    To find out more Book an appointment here or call (08) 6001 6196


    Here’s how to nail that Valentine’s Day kiss – Yokine Dentist

    Here’s how to nail that Valentine’s Day kiss – Yokine Dentist

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    In the words of one of the musical greats, a kiss is probably on your list this Valentine’s Day. Before cuddling up with your date this year, make sure your mouth is in good health because a kiss is more than just a kiss. And we don’t mean in the sentimental way.

    Sure, kissing stimulates saliva which can help fight cavities. But if the person you’re kissing has poor dental health, you can run the risk of getting unwanted germs on top of all that candy, flowers and cards.

    Here’s a few tips from a Yokine dentist to know about making your smile perfectly kissable in time for Valentine’s Day.

    Cavities Can Be Contagious

    Whether it’s through sharing a drink or kissing a loved one, cavity-causing bacteria can be passed from person-to-person in the same way many other bacterial infections are passed on. Studies have shown that “catching a cavity” is not only possible, but it happens way more often than you think. To reduce the risk of transmitting these bacteria to others, you should floss and brush frequently, and be mindful of shared drinks and eating utensils.

    Beware Bad Breath

    Bacteria is a big culprit of bad breath, so sticking with healthy dental habits (like brushing and flossing) is so important, especially in those days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Other ways to stay fresh are over-the-counter antimicrobial mouthwashes, breath mints or chewing sugarless gum. All of these can freshen your mouth instantly and get saliva flowing, which will help wash away bits of food debris and stale breath.

    Avoid sharing your toothbrush

    For many couples, a common trend is to keep a toothbrush at each other’s place. We would recommend that you each have your own because sharing toothbrushes also means sharing germs. It may seem strange to share a toothbrush, but it actually happens more often than you would think.

    Brighten Your Smile

    Your smile is one of the features that people take notice of straight away, and nothing is more attractive than a bright, confident one. If whitening makes you feel better about yours, talk to our dentists about which option is best for you. There are a number of over-the-counter whitening products, convenient take-home kits, or you could get a quick and easy in-office whitening treatment at one of our many dental practices.

    Smoking Isn’t Attractive

    Smoking is bad for your breath and stains your teeth, and is generally terrible for your overall health. Smoking affects your ability to smell and taste, not to mention the way you smell to others. People who use tobacco are twice as likely to get gum disease and chronic bad breath as someone who avoids smoking. Smokers also have a higher risk of getting oral cancer. Give yourself and your partner a gift this Valentine’s Day, and take those first steps on the road to quitting cigarettes for good.

    Don’t Forget About the Dentist!

    A healthy dental routine includes visits to the dentist at least twice a year. At Clear Choice Dental, we can help keep your mouth at its best all year long by keeping you updated on how to keep your smile healthy and clean.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how expensive your flower bouquet was or how posh the restaurant is, if you haven’t got clean teeth the chances are your date/partner won’t be impressed. If you are interested in permanent whitening options for your teeth, or if you would like to know other ways to improve your smile, visit one of our practices for more information. You can book an appointment with us by calling 1800 CHOICE or by clicking here.

    Happy Valentine’s day from all of us at Clear Choice Dental!


    Read this before getting your silver fillings changed

    At Clear Choice Dental, changing of dental fillings is something we do quite often for our patients who want a whiter, brighter smile.

    Contrary to popular belief, the actual replacing or changing of a dental filling is actually quite easy to do. Patients will often ask if the whole filling has to come out (yes) and if it’s hard to do (no). There may be a few reasons why you might want to have your silver fillings changed or removed, so let’s look at why it would be necessary to do so.

    • Poor aesthetics: This is one of the main reasons why people come to us for changing their silver fillings. Often patients with these fillings are embarrassed by the look of their teeth, as the silver makes them appear darker. Amalgam fillings can tarnish and corrode over time, creating discolouration where the filling meets the tooth. Replacing your silver filling with a tooth-coloured composite one will make the tooth appear more natural and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Preventing decay: Silver fillings appear opaque in X-rays, making it difficult to see any cavities that may have been created underneath the filling. Once a cavity is found, it generally has progressed too far and a root canal may be necessary. Composite fillings appear much less opaque in X-rays, which helps in identifying and treating cavities quickly and more effectively. Because of its lighter colour, if there is an issue with the seal on a composite filling it will be easier to see with the naked eye, and can be investigated before a more serious issue arises.
    • Weak teeth: Unlike composite fillings, silver ones don’t strengthen teeth. If you have a large silver filling and bite down, the force is transmitted to the remaining enamel and is likely to crack. In addition, the silver filling won’t actually adhere to the tooth unlike a composite one; a better adhesion means that the chewing force exerted upon the tooth is spread out more evenly, making composite fillings 15-20% stronger and less likely to crack than silver.


    Some people worry about the mercury content in silver fillings, but research has shown that the amount of mercury exposure from a silver filling is actually less than the amount that most people are exposed to in their daily environment, or in what you would get from eating a piece of fish.

    Despite all of those reasons, if your dentist has inspected your silver fillings and found them to be structurally sound with no chips or cavities, they may recommend that you keep them if you’re not worried about aesthetics. Amalgam fillings are much more affordable, they last a long time and they’re better for filling larger tooth cavities (composite is better for smaller cavities). Removing good amalgam fillings results in unnecessary loss of healthy parts of the tooth, so you should only replace amalgam fillings only when they are worn, broken or when there is decay beneath the filling.

    By going for routine dental check-ups, it is possible to repair any fillings that may be broken, chipped or showing signs of decay. We cannot stress how important it is to come in to have your teeth checked twice a year – especially if you’ve got existing fillings or have poor dental hygiene habits.

    If you would like to know if you should have your fillings changed, the best idea is to come and have one of our cosmetic dentists inspect your teeth. Give us a call on 1800 CHOICE or click here to book!


    Are you scared of going to the dentist?

    No one is born being afraid of the dentist.  You may have had a bad dental experience, or you were told a dental horror story from a relative. Such information might make you want to avoid treatment, which, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you to realise that things can be better. There are many reasons why people are afraid of getting an oral checkup, and to show you that you’re not alone in feeling this way, we’ve compiled 8 of the most common reasons why people avoid the dentist.

    8. The smell of the clinic.
    A dental practice has to be kept sanitary at all time, and the cleaning products used at the dentist can have a distinct smell that can give people anxiety.

    7. Dental drill.
    The sound of a dental drill can sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to some people. Combined with the suction tube used to remove excess water and saliva, the whole experience can be a little overwhelming to some.

    6. Choking or gagging.
    Dental visits often involve lots of water which has a tendency to trickle down the back of your throat, making you feel like you’re going to gag. People with a strong gag reflex often avoid going to the dentist for fear that they may choke. If you ever feel like you need the dentist to stop, it is important to not feel guilty about asking them to stop – they want you to be as comfortable as possible.

    5. Loss of control.
    While at the dentist you need to put your complete trust in them, which can be a difficult thing to do. You may feel that you’re in a position where you can’t see what’s happening and you have no control over what’s being done. Again, if you wish to stop, just indicate to the dentist and they will stop immediately.

    4. Embarrassment from having unsightly teeth.
    Many people avoid the dentists because they’re embarrassed about the look of their teeth. You can be sure that your dentist has seen much worse teeth than yours. Avoiding the dentist due to embarrassment will only allow more time for dental problems to get worse – a simple cavity needing a filling can become a root canal if it is left untreated for too long.

    3. Bad childhood experience.
    A bad dental experience as a child can develop into a fear of dentists for life. Parents will often use the “if you eat that candy your teeth will rot and the dentist will use a big needle on you!” line to discourage kids from eating too much sugar. And it works! But it does instil in kids that going to the dentist is always an unpleasant experience, so once that child reaches adulthood they have this deep-seeded fear in them.

    2. Fear of pain.
    The thought of possibly feeling pain during a dental visit is usually worse than the pain itself, this is often the case when people who are anxious work themselves up into a panic. Getting an injection is never a pleasant process, but you can ask your dentist to use a numbing gel on your gums before treatment commences so you won’t feel the needle. After that, you won’t feel a thing!

    1. Fear of the cost.
    Let’s face it – a lot of people avoid going to the dentist because they’re worried about the cost associated with a visit. “It’s too expensive” or “I have to wait until I have a bit more money” are phrases we hear often. This isn’t such a big deal for those who have relatively healthy teeth and need only minor treatments – but for those who need extensive dental work, the cost to have their teeth fixed is almost always one of the reasons why they keep putting off visiting us. We understand; we have been there too. Which is why we offer dental payment plans so you can get back on track with small, easy-to-manage payments that will allow you to get the treatment you need sooner rather than later. And with a free, no-obligation initial consult for new patients, there has never been a more affordable time to come visit us.

    In the end, it’s in everyone’s interest to find ways to overcome dental fear and make dental treatment a calm and safe experience. It’s helpful for many people who are fearful to know that they are not alone, and that help is available. If you have been afraid for a long time you may have difficulty believing that, but even people with a long-standing fear can be helped. And we’d love to help you.

    Ring 1800 246 423 to get in touch with us at Clear Choice Dental, or if you’d prefer to book online, click here. We have some of the best, most experienced dentists in Perth who can provide excellent services in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implants and orthodontics.

    Don’t let dental anxiety get in the way of having a beautiful smile – get started today!


    Concerned about the safety of root canal treatment?

    Root canals – it might be hard to find any term in the English language more misunderstood than those two short words. As dentists, we know this misunderstanding all too well. We also know that millions of root canals are performed every year: safely, effectively and comfortably, and we want you to be informed in the medical decisions you make – including those related to your oral health.

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there. You may even heard heard claims that root canal treatment teeth can make you sick, but these rumours are based on a nearly 100 year-old theory, and were discredited more than 50 years ago.

    The fact is, there is no valid scientific evidence linking root canal treatment to other health problems. There is, however, plenty of evidence showing that leaving an infected tooth will cause adverse health problems.

    Today, technologies such as digital imaging and microscopes help ensure successful root canal treatment.

    Here’s how a root canal treatment works: first, your dentist will numb the tooth so that you won’t feel anything during the procedure. A small shield isolates the tooth, keeping it dry and clean. During the treatment, infection or inflammation of the root is removed and the canals are disinfected and sealed. The treated tooth is then protected by a filling or a crown. After the treatment, the tooth and bone around the root can begin the healing process, preventing bacteria in the mouth from affecting the surrounding bone.

    It has been proved repeatedly that healthy teeth contribute to overall health and well-being. Root canal treatment, along with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, can save your tooth for a lifetime.

    While the internet can be quite alarming, it’s important to know that millions of root canals are performed every year successfully and effectively, and they’ve never been shown to cause disease.

    So let’s keep our focus on facts: like that fact that nothing looks, feels or functions like your natural tooth. So saving your natural tooth should always be your first choice. With the right care, your smile can last a lifetime and that’s what our team at Clear Choice Dental aims to achieve for you.

    To learn more about root canal treatment, visit our page on root canals by clicking here.

    If you think you need a root canal treatment, it’s best to come in and have one of our dentists perform an oral examination. You can book an appointment by clicking here or by calling us on 1800 246 423.


    So what’s the deal with wrinkle relaxers?

    We all want to look and feel our best – no matter what age we are.

    As you get older, the skin on your face and neck changes in appearance and structure due to how frequent you’re in sunlight, how often you moisturize and, of course, due to the body’s natural ageing process. Your skin may either lose volume in certain areas, or you may notice permanent fine lines and creases. You may start to look more tired than you feel, adding years to your appearance.

    Starting in your late 20s and early 30s the skin’s ability to protect itself begins to decrease. It needs your help to remain smooth and firm. Wrinkle injections can easily delay the ageing process: treatments are affordable, have fast results and usually zero recovery time.

    How do wrinkle relaxers work, and why should I get them?

    Everyone has heard the old adage – “I’d prefer to age gracefully”. With wrinkle relaxers, you can slow the ageing process by preventing wrinkles from forming while your skin is still supple. Doing this avoids having to resort to invasive plastic surgery procedures when it’s too late to reverse deep-set wrinkles.

    Relaxants prevent wrinkles from forming by introducing the muscle to a bacteria that blocks nerve activity, causing a temporary reduction in the contractile strength of that muscle. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which prevents skin from crinkling, as well as relaxing and softening existing wrinkles. It is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines, and generally lasts about 3 to 6 months depending on the patient.

    botox picture

    There are minimal side effects when using wrinkle relaxers. Sometimes people freak out and Google image search ‘wrinkle relaxers gone wrong’ but this is not an accurate reflection of side effects as the people in those pictures usually have had other, more invasive cosmetic treatments. Unless you’re allergic to the bacteria, using wrinkle relaxers is completely safe. After your injection, you may experience some minor bruising or swelling, but this will go away after a day or two.

    In terms of pain, there is very little of it when getting these injections. Of course, this depends on your pain threshold. A lot of our patients agree that there is a small sting, but it goes away almost instantly, and that getting an eyebrow wax is actually more painful than wrinkle injections.

    Wrinkle relaxers aren’t just for existing wrinkles. They are great for preventing future wrinkles, and for treating other hypermobile muscles (such as correcting a gummy smile or for muscles that cause teeth grinding at night).

    The best part about getting your wrinkle relaxer treatment at the dentist? You can discreetly book it with your periodic oral exams as our dentists are trained in dental and facial aesthetics, and can quickly and safely administer your treatment.

    How much does it cost?

    You can’t put a price tag on beauty, but our pricing for wrinkle relaxers is as follows:

    Full upper face package (frown/crow’s feet/forehead) – $500!

    Frown (between eyebrows) – $200

    Crow’s feet (outside of eyes) – $200

    Forehead (includes frown) – $375

    Jaw clenching and grinding (good for those who suffer from tension migraine) – $350

    Other single areas – $200

    Give us a call today on 1800 246 423 if you would like to book, or leave us a comment below (or email us here) if you have any other questions! 🙂


    Make better dental health your new years resolution.

    New years resolutions are always easier said than done. Actually sticking with your resolutions can be tricky, but the secret is to make small, easy-to-manage changes instead of one big change. If you want to take better care of your teeth and gums this year, just follow these four easy steps and you’ll notice an improvement in no time!

    1. Book a dental checkup – TODAY.
    If it’s been a long time since you’ve last seen your dentist, you’re not the only one. Booking in with your dentist and having them check your teeth might give you that motivational boost you need. It might be that your oral health isn’t as bad as you had originally thought, and that bright beautiful teeth may be achieved in just a few appointments!
    In saying that, even if your teeth seem to be in good nick you should still have regular checkups. There are some oral conditions that aren’t detectable, and your dentist can take x-rays that will pick up any issues that you can’t see with the naked eye (such as deep cavities, cracks or signs of oral cancer).
    2. Reduce your sugar intake
    Small switches, such as drinking soda water instead of lemonade, or just having half a spoon of sugar instead of two spoons of sugar with your morning coffee will make all the difference. Oral bacteria use sugar as a source of energy, therefore reducing the amount of energy available to them will reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth. Less plaque means fewer tooth cavities, which means fewer fillings at the dentist! Not only is it better for your teeth, but reducing your intake of sugars will also be better for your overall health in the long run.

    3. Commit to flossing every day
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: brushing your teeth twice a day simply isn’t enough in preventing plaque from building up on your teeth. Bacteria are microscopic so they have no difficulties in hiding inside and between your teeth – places that your toothbrush simply can’t get to. You only need to floss once a day and it takes just a minute of your time. Make it a habit, and soon enough you’ll be reaching for that floss every night without even thinking about it. Maintaining a regular flossing habit will reduce bad breath, plaque, and will significantly improve your oral health!
    4. Cut back on smoking
    We know that smoking will be the hardest habit to kick, but it is a big one. Smoking doubles your risk for gum disease amongst a whole range of other health issues. The best way to start quitting is by smoking one less cigarette every day, reducing that number each week until you no longer feel the need to smoke. Once you start getting to this stage, it would be a good idea to throw away all tobacco products in your house and ask friends and family to help support your quitting. There will be cravings, but the best way to get around this is to do activities that distract you, such as chewing on some sugar-free gum or going for a walk. If you are really struggling, it’s best to visit your GP.

    Making your new year’s resolutions as easy as possible to stick with will help you keep them. Take things one step at a time, and if you forget to floss one day or eat a big piece of sugary cake it’s fine. Tomorrow is another day and you can always start again. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy, so don’t give up!

    To get started, give us a call today on 1800 246 423 or click here to book.