Christmas and your oral health

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The silly season has now well and truly begun, and with it comes the promise of presents, sweets and food comas. While this all sounds delightful, it’s important to remember that your teeth are still vulnerable to sugar (we’re looking at you, candy canes). There are some things you can do to minimise the risk of tooth decay in the coming year, so read on!

  • Stick to your teeth cleaning routine no matter what. Being constantly bombarded with sugar and acidic drinks will lead to dental problems if you don’t clean your teeth properly. Remember to floss once and brush twice a day!
  • Be conscious of sugar intake. Christmas cake has a deceivingly high amount of sugar, and candy canes have even more! Candy canes are one of the more dangerous treats, as they are eaten slowly over a period of time which significantly increases the exposure of sugar to your teeth. Opt for sugar-less candies where possible.

  • Sparkling drinks are harmful for your teeth too. Yup, include champagne, wine and sparkling water. The acidic content in sparkling drinks can damage and stain your teeth if drunk in excess, so try and drink plain water between glasses.
  • After a meal, wait at least 30 minutes before brushing. Straight after having food or sparkling drinks, the enamel on your teeth weakens and is susceptible to damage, which is why dentists recommend waiting a short while before brushing. This will give time for the enamel to strengthen; if you don’t wait then you’ll essentially be brushing your teeth away, and this will lead to more cavities.
  • Treat yourself. You go on ahead and eat that turkey. Not only do you deserve it, but eating savoury food will help get rid of excess sugar in your mouth.

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