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Looking at getting your teeth straightened and do not want to go with braces? Ask us about our ClearCorrect treatments in Perth. ClearCorrect treatments are available only at our Maddington clinic.

What is ClearCorrect?
ClearCorrect is an alternative treatment to braces. You will be provided with several sets of custom clear aligners which will help straighten your teeth over time. Each aligner is provided over time to help move your teeth into the optimum position.

Who is a Good Candidate for ClearCorrect Treatments?
You will be expected to sit in for a consultation with our dentist who will assess the current position of your teeth. If the dentist has advised that you are a suitable candidate for ClearCorrect, impressions, photos and x-rays of your teeth will be taken for designing your custom-made aligners. ClearCorrect may not be suitable for everyone and if required, the dentist may recommend braces or clear braces instead.

What to Expect During the Treatment?
After receiving your aligners, the dentist will provide instructions on how to use them and care for the aligners at a consultation. There may be some discomfort as they are moving your teeth into the optimum position.

How Long Do I Have to Wear my Aligners for in a Day?
The dentist would recommend wearing the aligners most part of the day. The aligners should only be removed for eating meals, flossing and brushing before placing it back on your teeth.

How Long will the Treatment Last?
This really depends on the treatment plan provided for you by our dentist. It also depends on your compliance as well. Missing appointments, poor oral hygiene and improper care for the aligners will delay the treatment and affect the desired outcome. It is always best to regularly book and attend your appointments with the dentist to achieve the desired results.

Cost and price of ClearCorrect Treatments
Every patient is different and has a different bite register. The dentist will provide the investment details at the consultation.

Why choose Clear Choice Dental for your ClearCorrect Treatments?
We have a combined experience of over 20 years in cosmetic dentistry and our dentists are recognised with the Australian Dental Association. We are trained in the latest technology and techniques.

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