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custom sports mouth guards perthCustom Sports Mouthguards and Preventative Teeth Grinding Mouth Guards, Occlusal Splints in Perth

If you are looking to get Custom Mouth Guards for Sports or to treat teeth grinding like Occlusal Splints in Yokine, Maddington, Perth, our Dentists at Clear Choice Dental can help you out.

What is a Mouth Guard?
A mouthguard is a protective appliance for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, lips and gums.

Types of Mouth Guards
There are 2 types of Mouth Guards that we provide:

1 – Custom Sports Mouth Guards
These Custom Sports Mouth Guards are for kids and adults that are for sporting activities.

A custom sports mouthguard is the most ideal approach to protect your teeth from injury in sports or martial arts. A custom sports mouthguard spreads the load of any impact towards the jaw area across the teeth and bone to withstand or reduce any injury.

2 – Custom Preventative Teeth Grinding Mouth Guards / Occlusal Splints
A custom mouthguard or Occlusal Splint is a dental device intended to reduce the wear and tear of the teeth, jaw and muscles from the effects of teeth grinding or bruxism. It is a device that is regularly intended to be worn while you sleep.
An occlusal splint is also known as a night mouthguard.

How Do You Care for Your Mouth Guard?
Just washing your mouthguard with water isn’t sufficient to get it appropriately clean. It’s essential to start routinely cleaning your mouthguard to prevent any bacterial build up.

  • To keep your mouthguard clean, wash it with cold water after using it
  • Once every seven days use a toothbrush to clean it with an antibacterial solution or mouthwash
  • For more thorough clean, use a alcohol free mouthwash or utilise a denture cleaning tablet

How long or How Many Appointments do you need to have a custom mouth guard prepared for you?
It usually takes 2 appointments. The first appointment is to organise a check-up, exam and then take impressions of a mould of your teeth. Then the clinic will get it the mould poured up to create a mouthguard for you in a dental lab. Then the second appointment is to see how the mouthguard fits in your mouth and if any adjustments are required.

Why Clear Choice Dental for your Custom Mouth Guards?
We have over 20 years combined Australian Dental experience. We use the latest dental technology and techniques.

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