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DaVinci Smiles™ Implants Perth

Our DaVinci Smiles™ range of implants and crowns is a tailored solution that can satisfy a variety of individual needs and budgets. It allows the placement of more than 4 implants, and in some cases delivery of a permanent fixed solution within 3 days. Clear Choice Dental only uses Australian-made materials and generates only the highest quality products.

What is an implant?
A dental implant is a titanium root replacement for your missing tooth. Implants are also used as anchors in an implant bridge for those patients missing multiple teeth.

How many implants will I need for a full bridge?
It is well recognized and accepted that at least 4 implants are required for a total fixed solution, such as with the popular All-on-4™ procedure.

Our DaVinci Smiles™ range allows for the placement of more than 4 implants; this is particularly important for those patients with questionable bone quality or larger jaws requiring more support.

The All-On-4™ concept has recently gained popularity and is certainly an option for the lower jaw. At Clear Choice Dental we recognize the need for at least 4 implants, but we prefer the choice of more than 4 in the top arch. This gives you peace of mind knowing if one implant fails, you still have at least 4 others to ensure the success of the rest of your teeth.

Are my teeth permanent or removable?
The option to have your implants fixed or removable is dependent on many factors. The removable DaVinci Classic™ (Metalo-Acrylic) is a great option for patients who require more stability with their dentures as a straightforward, low cost option.

Permanently fixed teeth are the clear choice for patients who require the most natural feel without compromising comfort. Our DaVinci Classic™, DaVinci Premium™, and DaVinci Platinum™ offer a permanent choice for all.


Can I upgrade?
DaVinci Classic™ offers you the convenience of a low-cost solution with the ability to upgrade at any time. Our team at Clear Choice Dental are dedicated to providing you a startup option which can be converted into a long term solution at any time. Our aim is to give you teeth now and the flexibility to upgrade later. This would usually involve a new mould as the gums may have changed. Enquire with our team today or read more about DaVinci Smiles
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