What are Dental Implants? – Explained by a Perth Cosmetic Dentist

    dental implants in perth

    What are Dental Implants? – Explained by a Perth Cosmetic Dentist

    perth dental implants

    Dental implants are teeth replacements that remarkably resemble natural teeth. People lose teeth due to different reasons. Sometimes, the teeth may get eroded due to poor oral hygiene, or some other dental disease. Regardless of how one loses teeth, one thing is clear: it is an undesirable predicament. Teeth are important in giving shape to your face, and having gaps can detract a lot from your appearance. Additionally, if you have missing teeth, it may cause misalignment of your other teeth as well as weaken your jawbone. For these reasons, many people opt to have dental implants in Perth and look at visiting a Perth cosmetic dentist.

    What is the procedure?

    Getting a dental implant is fairly uncomplicated. The first step is the fixing of a titanium rod to your jawbone. This rod acts as the root of your tooth. After a few months, your artificial root fits well with your jawbone. Then a crown is attached to the root. Usually, the crown is made of porcelain. It is difficult to tell the difference between dental implants and real teeth, because they have a striking resemblance.

    What are the types of dental implants?

    Perth Dental Implants are classified differently. There are those that are categorized according to the number of implants that you get, and those that are classified according to the kind of implant you get. As such, there are single implants and full arch replacements. Quite predictably, a single implant is whereby you get only one replacement for your tooth. Full arch replacement refers to when you get all of your upper or lower jaw teeth replaced.

    One thing that sets dental implants apart from dentures is the fact that they are permanently fixed to your jawbone. This means that they are relatively long lasting; they can even last for life. This is beneficial because it means your jaws will never lose shape even in old age, which is something that cannot be said of dentures or even natural teeth.

    Other than the number of replacements you get, dental implants differ in the kind of implants you get. There are fixed porcelain Bridge dental implants, which consist of the root and the crown. Usually, a patient requires having six to eight implants for this procedure. If your bone structure is not strong enough to handle the above procedure, you can have hybrid bridge implants. You may also opt to have dental implant retained over dentures if you are comfortable with your dentures, but they are too slippery for your liking. Implant studs make the dentures less slippery. Or you could even opt to have a temporary crown, if you wish to get your crown on the same day you get your implants fixed.


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    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 

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