Dental Implants

    Missing teeth? Replace them with the help of dental implants!

    What are dental implants? 
    A dental implant is a titanium root replacement. It is fitted with a porcelain crown and inserted into the jaw to replace your missing or damaged teeth. Together they look, feel and function just like a normal tooth. At Clear Choice Dental we only choose reputable dental implants with a proven track record, backed by high quality long term research.

    Some people feel anxious about the invasiveness of a dental implant. Implants have a success rate of 98%, which is the highest success rate for any kind of dental restoration procedure. You also won’t have to feel anxious about any pain felt during the surgery as we can use IV sedation to ensure comfort and success.

    Dental Implants SERVICES IN PERTH

    What if I don’t have enough bone?
    In a few cases, when there are teeth missing for a long time there is bone loss. In such cases, a bone grafting procedure may to be performed to ensure adequate bone thickness in the jaws.

    Before we embark on any surgery the CCD team will obtain a 3D CAT scan of your jaws. This will allow us to plan your case, carefully examining the quality and quantity of your remaining bone. It is not uncommon for patients to require some sort of bone grafting. This process allows us to build up your existing bone utilizing a number of methods. Some of these options involve the use of your own bone although other bone sources can be mixed or used exclusively. Our dentists will offer you informed advice limiting your treatment needs to the absolutely essential. In this way, we are aiming for the best possible solution with the minimum amount of fuss.

    Complete Smile Rehabilitation

    Dental implants are also used in the replacement of entire sets of teeth that are missing. At Clear Choice Dental, we offer a wide range of advanced treatments for full mouth reconstructions, such as All on 4DaVinci+ porcelain implant bridges and zygomatic implants.

    Stabilization of Dentures

    Stabilization of dentures by using dental implants will mitigate problems associated with having loose dentures. Studies have proved that poor chewing capacity in those people who wear full dentures will lead to oral diseases. Having ill-fitting dentures for a long term will also cause shrinkage in jaw bones, which result in problems like jowls and ‘witches chin’.

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    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.