Proper teeth maintenance requires periodic visits to your dentist, and often people put off going to the dentist because of the costs involved.

    If you are thinking about the cost of your treatment, you are not the only one. Pricing is one of the major issues patients have questions about in their initial consultation. The fact is that everyone’s situation is different, and for that reason cost also varies. The best idea is to come see us for a consultation to get an accurate indication of the cost your dental care. We have on-site HICAPS facilities that supports 98% of Australian health funds, which means you can claim instantly.

    At Clear Choice Dental, we can provide various financial options to suit your budget. All the information regarding financing options can be provided to you at your consultation. We currently offer payment plans via MacCredit and zipMoney. If you wish, you can apply online before your treatment to see how much credit you are eligible for!

    Click here to apply for MacCredit or here to apply for zipMoney today!

    Don’t let dental costs prevent you from changing your life. Book a Consultation at Clear Choice Dental!