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The long summer days and short balmy nights create perfect conditions for outdoor fun. And while warmer weather might tear you away from that comfy couch, it’s also the time of year when work events and parties occur more often. To keep your smile looking flawless all summer long, all you need to do is follow our 5 tips:

  • Be mindful of your teeth when eating or drinking.
    Food particles can get stuck between your teeth, so make sure you’re rinsing your mouth out with water after every meal. This will not only help get rid of that piece of broccoli stuck in your front tooth, but it will help reduce plaque buildup and tooth decay in the long run. In addition, some beverages can stain your teeth so it’s best to use a straw when consuming sugary or coloured drinks.
  • Get a take-home teeth whitening kit to ensure your teeth are always pearly white.
    At Clear Choice Dental, we offer two methods of teeth whitening: in-chair and take-home. A take-home kit is particularly useful because the whitening is a safe, gradual process, enabling you can choose how bright you want your teeth to be in the comfort of your own home. This will ensure that beautiful, bright smile in all your photos!

  • Use a chapstick with SPF 30 or more
    It’s important to remember to use a lip balm containing sun protection. Your lips are vulnerable to the sun’s rays just like the rest of your skin, and failing to protect them properly will cause them to become burnt, dry and chapped. Your lips frame your teeth, so keeping them well taken care of will keep your smile looking radiant!
  • Take care during contact sports – wear a mouth guard.
    Summer is a great time for outdoor exercise and team sports, and with physical activity comes the risk of dental accidents. A mouth guard is a smart investment as it will help prevent your teeth from being knocked out or chipped from physical trauma. A one-size-fits-all mouth guard is generally not recommended as it does not provide the same level of protection and support that a custom-made one does, and this can make all the difference in whether or not a tooth gets knocked out during a sporting accident. Your dentist will be the go-to person if you’re looking at getting a mouth guard made up.
  • Brush your teeth once in the morning and once before bed – do this every day.
    We’re sure that this is one you already knew. Maintaining proper dental cleaning habits will ensure your teeth remain healthy, even when summer is over.

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