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HCF Dentist Perth: Yokine & Maddington

HCF Dentist Perth | HCF Preferred Provider – Yokine & Maddington, Perth

We are a HCF Preferred dentist in Yokine and Maddington, Perth

Looking for a HCF Preferred dentist in the Yokine and Maddington, Perth areas? Book a consult with us at Clear Choice Dental, Yokine or Maddington. Both our clinics are HCF Preferred dental clinics.

Dental treatments offered at our Yokine and Maddington clinics are:

Check up and Cleans
If you are looking to get your 6 monthly dental check up and clean, book a consult with our dentists. We have a great hygiene program to keep your teeth in check.

ClearCorrect (Teeth Straightening Treatment)
For patients looking for Teeth Straightening treatments and do not want to go ahead with braces, book a consult with our dentist for ClearCorrect treatments. Not everyone is suitable for ClearCorrect treatments, a consultation and full examination of your teeth is required for our dentists to assess if you are eligible for the treatments. They may offer other teeth straightening options as well.

There are 2 types of denture treatments offered at our clinic:
– Partial Dentures
– Complete Dentures

Dental Implants
Patient seeking to replace missing teeth may consider dental implants. Not everyone is suitable for a dental implant treatment. Sometimes if the tooth has been missing for a while, there may be bone loss around the area and a bone graft or sinus lift procedure may be required to support the  dental implant.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
For patients needing to have their wisdom teeth removed, book a consult with us today. Our dentists are trained in wisdom teeth removal procedures.

Teeth Whitening
There are 2 types of teeth whitening treatments offered at our clinic:
– In Chair Teeth Whitening
– Take Home Kits

Sleep or Sedation Dentistry
Patients that require pain relief options while having treatments carried out may request sleep or sedation dentistry at our clinic.

Emergency Dental
We also treat dental emergencies such as:
– Chipped or Broken Teeth
– Crowns fell out
– Abscess or infection of the gums
– Toothaches
– Emergency Tooth or Teeth Extractions

Other Treatments offered:
– General Tooth Extractions
– Composite Fillings
– Root Canal Treatments
– Gum Disease Treatments
– Custom Sports Mouthguards
– Occlusal Splints
– Smile Makeovers
– Cosmetic Dentistry
– Root Canal Treatments
– Wrinkle Relaxers and Lip Fillers
– Porcelain Veneers
– Dental Crowns and Bridges

What would HCF cover for Dental?
It really depends on your level of cover. We are not responsible for the cover you are on and you are required to check with your health fund to find out what treatments you are covered under HCF.

Why Choose Clear Choice Dental?
We have over 20 years combined local Perth dental experience. Our dentists are trained in the latest technology and dental procedures.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with a dental professional.