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NIB Dentist Perth

We are an NIB Preferred Dentist / Dental Clinic at Clear Choice Dental, Maddington, Perth. Currently only the Maddington branch is a preferred dental clinic.

Insurance Coverage

This really depends on the cover you receive with NIB. It is always best to check with NIB on the dental cover you would receive with an NIB Preferred dental clinic.

Treatments Provided at our Clinic:
Below is a list of dental treatments available at our clinic.

General Dental Checkup and Cleans
It is recommended to see the dentist every 6 months for your general checkup and clean. We do offer this service at our clinic.

Composite Fillings
For patients needing fillings, we offer composite fillings at our clinic and no longer use mercury / amalgam-based fillings.

Root Canal Treatments
We also offer root canal treatments for patients requiring treatment and have sedation or sleep dentistry options to make your visit more comfortable.

Tooth / Teeth Extractions
We also offer general and surgical tooth/teeth extractions if required.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Patients that require their wisdom teeth taken out can also receive this treatment at our clinic. On top of that we can also offer in clinic IV (intravenous) or hospital GA (General Anaesthetic) sedation options to make the visit a more comfortable experience.

Dental Implants
Patients seeking dental implants may enquire if you are suitable for this treatment via a consult with our dentist. Not all patients are suited for this treatment and will need to be assessed first with our dentist.

We offer partial and full denture options at our clinic. Please call us to enquire also about our denture repair services.

Sleep or Sedation Dentistry
We offer oral, intravenous and/or general anaesthetic (hospital) sedation options at our clinic. Please enquire with your insurance provider will be covered for these options.

Bone / Gum Grafting
Patients that require dental implants sometimes may have bone loss and may require a bone/gum graft. We do offer these treatments at our clinic as well.

Teeth Whitening
We offer 2 x types of teeth whitening options at our clinic:

Zoom In Chair Teeth Whitening
We use Zoom Teeth Whitening Products for our in-chair teeth whitening treatments. A consultation with the dentist is required before going ahead with teeth whitening.

Take Home Kits
We also offer take home teeth whitening kits for you to keep up and maintain your teeth shade after your in-chair teeth whitening treatments. A consult with the dentist will be required before taking up the teeth whitening take home kits.

Other Treatments available are:

– Gum Disease Treatments
– Porcelain Veneer Treatments
– Dental Crowns / Caps
– Smile Makeovers
– Teeth Grinding Treatments (Bruxism)
– Sports Mouthguards
– Kid / Children Dentistry

Why Choose Clear Choice Dental for your Dental Treatments
We have over 20 years combined dental experience in Australia. We use the latest dental techniques and dental technology at our clinic.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with a dental professional.