Perth Dental Implant Treatments at Clear Choice Dental

    Perth Dental Implants Treatment

    Perth Dental Implant Treatments at Clear Choice Dental

    Perth Dental Implants

    What are dental implants?

    A dental implant is generally a synthetic root that is inserted into the jaw bone to hold a tooth replacement or bridge. Currently, there are 2 types of dental implants in Perth, subperiosteal and endosteal.

    Endosteal is the type of dental implant that is inserted into the bone. This type is recommended for a patient who has bridges or any other removable dentures.

    The Subperiosteal implants are just placed on the jaw bone with the help of metal frameworks protruding via the gum. These metal frameworks hold the prosthetic tooth. Subperiosteal are recommended for patients who do not have sufficient bone height and who can’t wear traditional dentures.

    They can be for replacing a single tooth, replacing several teeth, or for replacing all of the teeth.

    Who can get dental implants?

    If you are living in Perth and are interested in getting the dental implants, you must have very healthy gums and adequate bone density and length to support the dental implants. If you smoke, or you have diabetes, or you suffer from heart disease, your Dentist in Perth would evaluate your individual case to determine whether or not you can get teeth implants.

    How successful are dental implants?

    These dental implants are usually 90-95% successful. But it may vary depending on the location where is placed, and oral health and hygiene practiced by the person getting the implant. With regular care and maintenance, Perth Dental Implants may last a lifetime. They are more comfortable than having dentures.

    How much do dental implants cost?

    The teeth implants cost depends on many factors, such as the number of missing teeth that are replaced using the implants, the type of implant, whether or not one requires bone grafting, the skill, and location of the dentist. To know the actual cost you should consult your family dentist in Perth.

    Those living in Perth interested in tooth replacement must consult their dentist to find out more about the benefits, procedure, and cost of dental implants. Check out our payment plan information here.

    Why choose Clear Choice Dental for your Dental Implant Treatment?

    Clear Choice Dental has handled thousands of cosmetic dentistry procedures and over 20 years of combined experience. The dental practitioners are trained in the latest technology, techniques and provide quality aftercare service. The team are all qualified and recognised by the Australian Dental Association and adhere to the strict guidelines of the Australian Medical Board. Our rates are also competitive and cost-effective. Book an appointment here or call (08) 6001 6196

    Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.     

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