Taking care of your teeth while on vacation

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We all love a good vacation. It’s a great way to relax and reconnect with family while visiting a fun place! But there’s never a good time to slack off on your oral hygiene. No-one wants to return home with a cavity, cracked tooth or sore gums, so read on for tips on how to keep your smile looking fab!

Your toothbrush – don’t leave home without it.
Continue to brush your teeth at least twice per day – this is super important. Skipping on brushing will allow plaque and stains to build up on your teeth, making them look yellow. You’re on holiday: you’re going to be taking photos so put your best smile forward! Try and use your own brush as airline toothbrushes may not clean your teeth as well as a store-bought one.

Miniature-sized floss for when you’re on the go.
Getting a chunk of food stuck between your teeth, and later having it appear in your photos can be an embarrassing experience, so we would recommend flossing after every meal (if you remember to!) and once before bed. Having to Photoshop food chunks out of your teeth is something no-one should have time for while they’re on vacation.

Good toothpaste!
While this may seem like an obvious thing to pack, getting a decent toothpaste in a foreign country where you can’t read the label can sometimes be a little bit more complicated than you think. Opt for a tooth-whitening or plaque control toothpaste and remember to use it at least twice per day. Bacteria don’t take holidays, so you shouldn’t take a holiday from taking care of your teeth.

Chewing gum.
Carrying a packet of sugar-less chewing gum just while you’re out and about not only keeps your breath smelling fresh but it reduces the acidity of your mouth. This is especially useful for when you’re eating ice cream or drinking sugary drinks.

Stay hydrated.
Drinking plenty of water not only keeps you hydrated, but sipping on it at regular intervals helps rid the mouth of excess sugar and food – which left alone, can lead to tooth decay.

Avoid chewing the ice in your drinks!
On hot days chewing ice sounds enjoyable, but an ongoing ice-chewing habit will cause cracks in your teeth. Sometimes the cracks are tiny, but over time, the cracks can spread and deepen, causing pain and allowing bacteria to invade the tooth. Having a cracked tooth on your holiday is definitely one of the last things you need.

As always, you can call us if you or a family member has a dental emergency while on holiday. In doing so, we can help determine if emergency treatment is needed or if the problem can wait until you return home. While you’re away, you can conveniently email us here for any questions related to your dental health.

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