Things to Know about a Dental Crown

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What is the first thing you notice when you look into the mirror? You look at your smile, right? But, how will you feel if your smile is imperfect? It affects your appearance and confidence. Most people who aren’t happy with their smile lack confidence.

Fortunately, dental crowns and bridges can transform your smile. They can make you feel confident by reinventing your smile. One of the most used smile makeover technique is dental crown and bridges.

What is a dental crown?

Dental crown or bridges are tooth replacement solutions that are custom designed for you.

Crowns are a tooth-shaped cap used to restore damaged teeth due to cavities or cracking. They can possibly improve the integrity, appearance and alignment of an otherwise undesirable tooth.  A Dental Crown would be an ideal solution when the tooth is heavily damaged or broken down. It can restore your tooth to its natural form.

Protect and restore damaged teeth

However well you protect your teeth, eventually, it becomes a victim of stains, chips, and cracks. These rough spots can be weak points in your enamel. Perhaps you get cavities in those weak points. Further, the tooth undoubtedly does not look good. Here, dental crowns cover the visible portion of your tooth and hide the stains. Also, porcelain crowns seal up the weak points and improve the look and strength of a damaged tooth.


Repair cavities

Cavities occur when harmful bacteria grow unrestricted on your teeth. These bacteria give off an acid that erodes the enamel. The holes where the enamel was eroded are called cavities. Normally, general dentists fix your cavity with a dental filling.  Porcelain crown helps in healthy dental filling so that it does not fall out. Crown seals up the damage in enamel and add a layer of protection.

Used in dental bridge to replace missing tooth

You can lose your tooth in several ways. Both gum disease and accident can make your teeth fall out. Sometimes, you need to remove your broken or damaged tooth to keep your mouth healthy, eat healthier, and smile better. A dental bridge is a non-surgical restorative dentistry treatment to replace that missing tooth. Here, porcelain crown serve as the replacement. Porcelain crown is designed to look and feel similar to a natural tooth.

Used in a dental implant to replace missing tooth

Dental bridges work great. But, if you want stable and durable replacement for your missing tooth, you should opt for a dental implant. Here, a dental crown is connected to the artificial root with a small device. This artificial root is implanted in your jawbone to keep it healthy. Dental implants also considered more durable than most dental bridges.

Closing thoughts

Are you nervous about your smile makeover and dental crowns? Don’t worry; you are at the right place. Visit our clinic today. At Clear Choice Dental, our dentists can offer the most advanced crown and bridgework solutions, so contact us today!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.